Introductions and MarCom Updates

Welcome back to the MarCom blog!

We hope you find this blog to be useful for news, tips, and other items that will help everyone in our community align as best as possible with SMU’s mission.

MarCom has recently welcomed two new members to the team!

Kevin Hyde: Media Relations Manager

As media relations manager, Kevin will work with faculty, staff, alumni, students and external media to identify stories to advance the visibility, goals and mission of Saint Martin’s. Kevin will work closely with Marki Carson on creative collateral projects and Carl Lew on web projects. Kevin will also take lead on our social media strategy and manage university publications, including our bi-annual Insights magazine.

Contact Kevin: or (360) 412-6126

Kyle Wohlenhaus: Web Content Manager

Kyle will work with faculty and staff to ensure our web content is up-to-date and effectively advances the goals and mission of Saint Martin’s. As the web has become one of the most important marketing tools to recruit new students, Kyle will work closely with Carl Lew, Kevin Hyde (our new media relations manager), and Admissions on assessing, developing and publishing web stories with prospective students as our primary audience. Kyle will be the go-to person to train web assistants across campus on how to update their web pages via the Drupal-based content management system. He will also oversee and curate content on many of the website’s main pages, including the homepage, primary landing pages and the faculty and staff directory.

Contact Kyle: or (360) 486-8860


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