It’s not the end of the story…

We’re just turning the page.

Soooooo … as most of you have realized by now (and if not, how was that trip to Bali?):

#1 – The website has launched (YAY!)

Us minions are high-fivin' it with joy!

Thanks to the considerable efforts of OHO Interactive and our phenomenal web team (listed alphabetically, for good measure): Genevieve Chan, Joseph Cserni, Ellamae Donato, Meg Dwyer, Matt Hankins, Carl Lew, Deanna Partlow, Amy Pollard, Cole Sirks, Christine Towey and Wrigley the Dog!

The launch

Yes, we met our deadline of Aug … no … uh, September eigh … oops, no, not quite … uh … September 25! YES! That’s it, the 25th!

Yes, third time’s the charm, or so they say. We made it to September 25 with — while not everything — most things. Then I walked out the door *Yikes!* and into a hot tub for a week while Genevieve, Carl and the rest of the team picked up all the bits we’d missed. And all of you patiently worked with us to get things hammered into place.

A thousand thanks to Genevieve for sending out helpful instructions; Carl for fielding edits; Cole, Joseph and Matt for handling edits and to everyone who participated in this project from September 11, 2014 when we sent out the Request For Proposal (RFP) to September 25, 2015 when …

… hand-cranks turned, lightening struck and we all shouted …


One thing I learned on this project

OK … there were more like eight-hundred-thousand things I learned, but I’m only going to talk about this one thing. For everything we were doing down in MarCom, there were folks all across the University working equally as hard, if not more so. Faculty and staff coming in on nights and weekends, putting in long hours answering emails, tackling workloads, preparing for a new semester and giving of themselves because of their commitment and dedication.

I want to recognize all of you. You’re why we do what we do.

What’s next

Well, as most of you know…

#2 – My last day at Saint Martin’s is tomorrow. *sniffle, sniffle*


I will miss all of you!

While my heart is heavy leaving all of you there are two things to be considered:

  1. I’ll just be downtown, so lunches and dinners can be had!
  2. Unless Howard and Will refuse to let me on campus … lunches and dinners can be had!

In addition, quite soon you’ll be getting a very special gift. Something that will lead you down new pathways, to whole new adventures. Soon, you’ll be getting …

A New Web Content Manager!

Yup. Fresh blood! New ideas! No more exclamation marks! (Now that’ll be a day to celebrate!)

So…what do you do in the meantime?

In the meantime, you’ve got that incredible team that I mentioned at the top of the post!

They will work with you on what needs to get done and field requests to the team.

I will forever be your devoted minion. Be well, live long and prosper, namaste and blessings to each and every one of you.

See you on the flipside!


    1. Likewise re: crying minions. Although I’ll never forget the last one you sent. 🙂 I love you back, Marki! *Go home!*

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