The pitter-patter of hamsters hamstering

In the spirit of moving like we got a purpose, this is a quick-ish update on the website redesign project.

A tiny (ar, ar, hamsters, get it?) diversion

Today, just because we can — and because it’s in the title, we begin with a bit of patter*:

Hamsters hamstering

What?! No! This is NOT a gaming console.

Weeeeeeeeeee…are the very model of a modern major website team.
We’ve architected something that we do believe will cast a beam.
On six-eleven Drupal passed so OHO the website could theme.
We type and click and resize pics while Carl builds pages like a dream.

Not a hamster

Squirrel? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a hamster just like the other guy.

Nooooooooow…OHO’s theming up a storm to add design and make things gleam.
While Joseph, Kris and Matthew too are plugging content in with steam.
Our Ellamae and Amy toil,
And Christine crops photos…with oil?
We’d better end this patter soon,
So you won’t fly off to the moon!

*I’m sure you’re all Gilbert and Sullivan fans, but for those who think they’re purveyors of exotic coffee beans, find out about these dudes who are synonymous with patter and to whom I’m offering my sincerest form of flattery.

So…uh…where we are at?

Gru's Carl

Drupal Carl.

Regular Carl

Regular Carl.

Well, Carl has built some 820+ pages — and counting — in our Drupal staging site. Yowlza! The rest of us are working, working, working putting content into those pages. OHO’s completing development and theming, and as the theme gets applied to the staging site, we’re all testing and debugging.

And just when you thought this update couldn’t get any better…a website redesign photo essay!

Content matrix

Welcome to the matrix, Neo. The content matrix, that is. This is the Grand Poo-bah of documents for our new website. Everything we build comes out of this.

The web team

The most AMAZING team this side o’ anywhere!


The one. The only. Wrigley the Dog! Wriggles attacks Drupal with abandon!


The rest of the most AMAZING team this side o’ anywhere!

Drum roll please! A sneak peek!

What we see - the back-end of Drupal - homepage

Meet the back-end of Drupal. This is what we see to enter the content.

What you'll see - homepage

Meet the front-end of Drupal. A.K.A. our new website! This is what you’ll see.

Add employee information

This is an example of how we’ll add employee information.

Professor Bode

And this is what it will look like. (Note that Professor Bode sent a lovely environmental shot for us to use on his employee profile. Learn from him, Young Luke. The ways of the force are strong with him.)

The rest of the story

And so we come to the end of our update. We’re hamstering away and on target for launch mid-August. YAY!

We’ll poke our heads out here and there. Maybe ask for a bit of this kind of content or a few of those kind of photos. But for the most part we’ll be on our hamster wheels, hamster feet running as fast as they can!

MarCom hamsters

OHO: Way the coolest kids on the block

UX Designer Lindsey WagnerOne of the reason’s we love OHO Interactive and are grateful we get to work with them: they’re totally cool and they think with heart.

We want to acknowledge our beloved UX designer extraordinaire, Lindsey Wagner, who moved on from OHO to a fellowship with Blue Ridge Labs — another majorly cool organization that designs technology solutions for low-income communities in New York City. Lindsey’s depth of knowledge, gentle hand and big heart have guided much of this project. While we miss her awesome demeanor and singular talent, we wish her the very best in this exciting and important work and in all she does in life. Congrats, Lindsey!

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