Timelines and Tools!

Greetings web team! Here’s a website redesign update just for you — our web assistants and content owners. And in the spirit of pith, it’s just the facts Ma’am.

Dug: Doggone! (We're) Unbelievably Good!

I think we should adopt Dug as our project mascot. He gets the job done and is always cheerful. We love Dug! (For us DUG = Doggone! (We’re) Unbelievably Good!)

We’re a breath away from the content migration phase of the website redesign project. YAY!

We’ve been moling away, prepping this and that and that and this. What does it mean for you? It means reviewing content and Drupal training. For the whole down-low on the low-down…or low-down on the down-low…or the low-down on the low-down…keep a-readin’!


  • June 1
    Next week (I can still say this because it’s Saturday, even though most of you won’t read this until Monday) several things will happen:

    • Content audit / mapping
      I’ll be sending each of you a spreadsheet of your current website pages along with where they’ll go in the new website* – this is for you and/or your content owners to determine if:
      1) stuff should be deleted, and/or
      2) stuff should be edited, and/or
      3) the mapping (from old to new) makes sense…which in all likelihood…it won’t. (Don’t worry, we’ll tawk.) 🙂
    • Generic Drupal training
      This is the tool we’ll be using to edit the website moving forward. Carl will send you an invitation early next week for training on a generic version of the tool towards the middle-end of next week.
    • New student workers
      Kristofer and Joseph join us next week on behalf of student affairs. If you’re in a student affairs office and wonder where to turn, these’ll be the guys to help! (We’ll have to figure out their dwarf names later.)
  • June 11 – Content Migration Kick-Off
    You’ll be receiving an invite for our kick-off meeting. This will consist of:
    1) a very short overview of Drupal (our new content management system) for those who were unable to attend either of the Introduction to the Introduction to Drupal presentations** and
    2) a 2-hour presentation-style training session with OHO. In this session they will be showing us how we will be entering information into our new website.
  • June 11 – 15 – Carl sets up user permissions within Drupal
    This will give us access to the areas of the website we’ll each be working on. (This will be a process, so you might not have access on the 15th.)
  • June 15 – Migration begins
  • June 15 – 30 – Drupal training
    We will schedule a number of Drupal trainings in June so that everyone can get the training they need!
  • July 15 – Last day for delivery of content edits
    This is to give us enough time to make the edits. (This is only for content owners/web assistants who won’t be updating/migrating their own content.)
  • August 7 – Migration ends
    This doesn’t mean we’ll never be able to edit anything again, just that at this point we have to stop the presses until OHO flips the switch and makes the site live. Which is scheduled for…
  • August 11 – SITE LAUNCH


Template, Wireframe and Design samples *In addition to the spreadsheet I’m sending with your content audit and mapping, use the templatesWireframesDesign.pdf to help see where and how your content will live. Send me an email if you want to discuss.
Introduction to the Introduction of Drupal **For those of you who were unable to attend the Introduction to the Introduction to Drupal, here’s that hedgehog presentation that I’m sure everyone was talking about!

Okey doke. That’s it for now. Be checking your email! And stayed tuned!

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